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About Broken Worship

Broken Worship is an organization created by Zach Mitchell to spread the love and meaning of Jesus Christ and to share the gospel message with struggling people who feel outcasted.

"Jesus died for each and every one of us. He left the comforts of the Father, He leaves everything behind to pursue you. That is a powerful story. Until we believe that, we can’t truly love our neighbor the way we are supposed to." - Excerpt from: Imperfectly Spreading a Perfect Gospel

"I pray that we can accept the gift of Jesus and we can love like Jesus. At the end of the day, it is all about Jesus. Don’t get wrapped up in religion and theology. Just love Jesus. Amen." - Zach Mitchell

Zach Mitchell's passion for music and faith inspires his writing. Over the past five years, Zach has self-published 5 books: Broken Worship, No Darkness In Light, Imperfectly Spreading A Perfect Gospel, Ground To Stand On, and his latest release, Saving Grace: It's Not About You Anymore.

Zach is also the founder and host of the Broken Worship Podcast. On his podcast, Zach discusses various topics relating to faith, music, and the Broken Worship gospel. You can listen to the podcast via Spotify and Youtube!

Zach continues to be real, unfiltered, and sometimes even explicit about sharing his faith. Despite the naysayers, being unfiltered is a crucial element of Broken Worship's message that God and his Son, Jesus Christ, do not care about the words you use, the past you come from, or the mistakes you've made. He never asked for a made-up version of you. He asked for you. ALL of you. He loves you. Even in your brokenness, He loves you.

Through his poetry, writings, videos, and podcast, Zach wants to express that even in our brokenness, we have a reason to worship. God bless!

Check out Zach Mitchell's latest book - Saving Grace: It's Not About You Anymore